Ammonia-water absorption cooling has been used for more than 150 years, and mainly employed with large refrigeration loads, which give a decisive cost advantage with increasing unit capacity. Recent technology now provides the possibility of commercially viable applications in the range below 100 kW of cooling capacity. Detailed research and development lead to our absorption cooling system with its world-wide unique selling proposition.
AKM offers a sorption refrigerator of minimal complexity, making use of low grade heat, to provide cooling in the range up to 1 MW. lt is characterized by an optimized system-flow-scheme allowing driving heat temperatures below +100 °C and cooling temperatures down to -10 °C.
The application of innovative and extremely compact heat exchangers reduces the physical dimensions up to an order of magnitude compared to conventional shell and tube heat exchangers. The system design allows adaptation to higher cooling capacities up to several Megawatts. In this range they could contribute considerably to rational energy supply in decentralized energy systems especially by using waste heat.
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